Chiropractic Golf Injury Certification Program

In the United States, there are over 27 million men, women and children playing over 500 million rounds of golf every year. The medical research states that 50% of all who play golf become injured. Golf injuries are generally repetitive strains and sprains of the muscle, tendon and ligaments of the body secondary to: Poor golf-specific posture, Poor golf-specific flexibility and Poor swing mechanics.

Chiropractic Golf Injury Certification ProgramFor 10 years Dr. Jeff Blanchard competed on the world stage as a golf professional. Dr. Blanchard founded to train health care professionals in the diagnosis and treatment protocols for golf injuries, fitness and conditioning. He has personally trained over 10,000 “golf doctors” to date. You do not need to play golf to attend this seminar. You will be taught everything you need to know to become proficient in treating spinal related problems associated with golfers in your practice. Learn the mechanism of golf related injuries with focus on new “cutting edge” spine specific treatment protocols to help your weekend golfers feel better and play better! Dr. Blanchard will teach you how to market your expertise with the PGA instructors working with hundreds of injured students at the golf courses near your office. If you want to become the “Golf Doctor” in your community, then welcome! We look forward to meeting you.

Golf Sports Chiropractic Continuing EducationThe Golf Injury Certification Program has been designed for the doctor who wants to establish and grow a referral relationship with the PGA instructors in their community. The PGA instructors are working with hundreds of golf students who are not physically fit or conditioned to play golf. It is difficult for instructors to teach golf to students who present for lessons with postural instability, structural weakness and poor flexibility. Before long, students become frustrated and perhaps injured.

The Golf Injury Certification Program is designed for you to be able to cross-train your medical expertise with PGA instructors. In addition, you will learn how you can set up and co-teach preventative workshops on golf fitness and conditioning with the PGA instructors in your community.

This comprehensive course offers important information on the management, fitness and conditioning protocols of “well” patients seeking improved performance on the golf course. Dr. Blanchard has combined his unique practitioner expertise (30 years in private practice) with his actual play experience as a competitive golf professional (career low round of 62) to offer students a more complete understanding of taking care of patients who play golf. The course includes excerpts from Dr. Blanchard’s textbook, The Physician’s Golf Injury Desk Reference and has been designed to help students eventually position themselves as the “Golf Doctor” in their community.

This is a 3 part Series with a Certification examination. Dates and Times to be Announced.

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