Thank You For Attending The 2015 July ProSport Seattle Seminar. You will find links to the speaker’s notes below.

Dr. Evan Gwilliam

[s3file s3url=”ICD10_BootCamp_2015.pdf” newtab=”yes” ]ICD-10 Bootcamp Slide Notes (Updated) – Download Here[/s3file]

[s3file s3url=”ICD10_BootCamp_KnowledgeCheck.pdf” newtab=”yes” ]ICD-10 Bootcamp Knowledge Check – Download Here[/s3file]

Here are a few resources that were mentioned in Dr. Gwilliam’s section.

Dr. Jay Greenstein

There were some complaints that the notes were too small for Dr. Greenstein’s section so the updated notes are set to 1 slide per page. This file is now a much larger file (232 Pages) and will take longer to download.

[s3file s3url=”Healthcare_21st_Century.pdf” newtab=”yes” ]Healthcare in the 21st Century (Updated 1 Slide Per Page) – Download Here[/s3file]

Here is a quick set of links from the YOUtility section of Dr. Greenstein’s presentation.

All the YOUtility links:

  • Collaboration for helping doctors and their staff understand the business of healthcare YOUtility: